Program Type

•    Teaching Artist

•    Artist-in Residence

•    Family/Community Engagement

•    Professional Development

•    Workshops


Curriculum Connection

•    Studio Habits of Mind

•    Arts Integration

•    Common Core Aligned

•    Art for Social Action

•    Socio-Emotional Learning

•    STEAM/Integrative Technology

•    Project Based Learning

                                                                                  Areas of Focus

•    Art education:

•    Murals

•    Drawing & Painting

•    Printmaking

•    Fiber Arts

   (example. healing quilts; soft sculpture)          

•    Photoshop

•    Animation

Program Descriptions


  • General art education

    • Collaborate with students to create meaningful artwork in multiple contexts.

    • Skills include painting, drawing, printmaking, sewing and fibre art, sculpture, mural design, as well as basic Photoshop and animation.


  • Social action art

    • Presentation on NAMES Project

              (AIDS Quilt) and its impact

    • Collaborative creation of 

                posters, prints &/or other art actions on

                student-chosen social justice concern


  • Art for Processing emotions

    • Healing Quilts

    • Creation of Fabric Sculpture Anxiety Box


  • Murals and/or installations

    • Design program to produce site specific artwork conceptualized and executed by student, e.g.,murals designed and created by students at Neelsville MIddle School

              Art and Leadership Academy run by Story                  Tapestries (Summer 2018)